Sunday, July 25, 2010

my first ever blog...

ok, i guess this officially make me a blogger...(hi, my name is lolla and i am an blogger.) please excuse any lame posts, pictures or just a ugly looking blog, but i am still learning!!! (and also, i have never been really good with languages and writing and stuff)
so here goes, a little bit about myself, my life it says in my intro:
my name is lolla orchard and i live in cape town, south africa.
i design, create pretty little things and dream of all things beautiful. I have a soft spot for handmade items! creating and experiencing something beautiful is happiness itself for me. at the moment i have a bit of a crochet and knit obsession and i blame my passion for all things handmade on my grans and first memories were my smock dresses or my knitted barbie outfits, all handmade by my lovely grandmothers and high school dresses and beautiful bead work from my mother.
i have been dreaming, wishing, hoping, succeeding, failing and working towards my own little creative company for a couple of years and finally just over 3 years ago, after a stint in london, i did it, i started my own little label, whilst working full time. i was so hopeful, determined and inspired back then, i even stumbled upon the little about me section i wrote (with a very dear friend who supported me 100% and who has always been an inspiration to me) for my website:

'I am just like every girl. Don't we all love pretty things?
My work of passion is everything handmade, with love, hence the name Love Lolla.
After I completed my studies in Fashion Management, and being in the clothing industry for almost 5 years, I started Love Lolla in April 2007, just after my 25th birthday. I just needed to make a change in my life and this was the perfect opportunity and the timing was just perfect. Starting my own label has been a life long dream, having grown up in a very crafty and creative family.
Hopefully my story will inspire and affect people around me.
I hope you are all looking forward to expanding & developing my skills just as much as I am.
Special thanks to everyone who believed in me, helped me, supported me and inspired me to tackle this venture.'

and here i am sitting, more than 3 years into the future on a gin induced sunday evening and still having the same dream and still hating every minute of my corporate career, wishing i had turned down the big pay check that i was offered 2 years ago and never went back to the rat race! but once again i am preparing myself to take the big leap, guns blazing and turn my part time passion into full time...

create you own happiness, will your dreams to come true, believe in yourself and go get what you deserve, make it happen. so look out world, here i come (again)!!!

i will love and leave with some stolen words to ponder and inspire:
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..." — Dr. Seuss