Friday, August 3, 2012

pretty parcels...oh how i love

OK, admittedly, there are very many things that excite me, but one of my favorites is still going to the post office, weather it is sending or collecting parcels or i was lucky enough to collect 3 (yes three) parcels...the one was lovely merino wool from Jeffreys...the other was a gift from Canada (will elaborate on this in the next post) and thirdly a pretty parcel of Wahsi tape.
last week i stumbled upon Paper Peony and gosh i was in LOVE!! Paper Peony is a stationary design studio based in Stellenbosch I immediately had to order me some washi tape and the awesome owner Cathy Kruger instantly responded to my query (whilst she was on holiday on a game farm) and today I collected these beauties...look at the packaging, what gets me even more excited is when a parcel is wrapped nicely (bonus points), but a handwritten note gets a gold star from me!!

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